Thursday, October 1, 2015

Prices on Used Cars Tumble on Hybrids and Small Models

Are you ready for a used car bargain? Consider a smaller model or a hybrid; recent car news reports detailed a dramatic drop in prices for subcompact and similar sized cars. According to the latest trends report, an entry level sports model had a price reduction of about 2.1%, while subcompacts were down a whopping 2.8%. Minivans and compacts dropped in price as well with an overall 2% drop. Some individual models are showing drops of up to 12.5% over previous quarter costs, including hybrids; some used models are down as much as 10%.

What is behind this new pricing trend for smaller used cars?

While standard sized vehicles, SUVs, and trucks are actually increasing in price, buyers are choosing smaller models for a variety of reasons. Falling and steady gas prices made family vehicles and larger rides more attractive. Hybrids also do not sell as well when low gas prices are making news. Cars designed for fuel economy have been lingering on lots for longer periods of time, leading to naturally lower prices.

Lower prices on smaller used cars are directly related to the uptick in leasing seen in previous years. Most of the vehicles that have falling prices are known for fuel economy and anywhere from three to five years old. The surge in leasing small, subcompact, and hybrid vehicles peaked in the period between 2010 and 2012 and was directly related to the record high gasoline prices recorded those years.

Now that those leases have ended and gas prices are more stable, the used cars returned after their leasing period ended have now flooded the market, directly impacting resale prices. With the recent trends in mind, it is likely that the price of these vehicles will continue to stay low as more cars enter the secondhand market, making a small model an excellent value for buyers. The current low price trend reflects models that are from one to five years old and represents a wide array of makes and styles.

The rule of supply and demand applies to the used vehicle market, too. As so many fuel-efficient models reach the marketplace, prices naturally become softer. Conversely, leases for large trucks, SUVs and sports models that were not fuel efficient fell accordingly when gas prices increased. There are now fewer large trucks available for resale, resulting in static or even rising prices. The most recent used car pricing models reflect this continued trend, and it is likely that it will continue for at least the rest of the year and possibly longer.

The glut of small used cars and hybrids into an already crowded marketplace translates to great news for buyers. Consumers looking for a commuter model or a great value on a used vehicle will be able to find a surprising array of options thanks to the latest trends.

New Aston Martin DB9 for the Luxury Ride

Aston Martin DB9 is here for quite a while, but now it offers all new features and a complete transformed look. It seems as the British car maker it putting all the efforts to maintain customer interest. The new DB9 is being built as the most powerful version and supported by a number of stunning upgrades both inside and out.

It keeps the same 5.9-liter V12 engine, which is common to most of the Aston Models for the past few years. However, this new model is capable of generating more output - generally increased by 30 horsepower to 540, which the torque is unchanged delivering the same 457 pound-feet. As claimed by its manufacturer, the DB9 GT model can do 0 to 62 mph in just 4.5 seconds and can reach up to the top speed of 183 mph. The six-speed automatic transmission sends the power to its rear wheels, and offers electronic shift-by-wire manual control.

Aside from its additional horsepower, the improvised DB9 has got some extra computing power in the form of AMi II touchscreen infotainment system by Aston. This feature has been pulled from the Vanquish and includes a revised menu setup making it effortless to use, as per the car maker.

The British luxury car maker also claims to have incorporated features like hands-free text messaging facility, customisable screen background themes and vehicle status information. In this package, users also get Bluetooth streaming audio.

The exterior has got only a few modifications, however, it can be distinguished by some styling factors kept specific for the model. It has got black anodized brake calipers, 10-spoke alloy wheels, improvised headlights and taillights, rear diffuser and a black front splitter. These small changes actually make this GT look more like a DB9-based Virage.

You have got a number of ways to personalise your new DB9 with options like different interior trim materials, fibre trim, two steering wheel choices - one designed to appear like the one from Aston's One-77 supercar, and another one encapsulated in Alcantara. It has also got some standard features like dual front, full length side curtains, dual side and airbags alongside traction and stability control systems as well as brakeforce distribution.

The super model is already available to order and allows you to enjoy the most luxurious ride of your life. You can choose DB9 Convertible and Coupe to drive in style and feel the luxury that Aston Martin is known to offer. 

How Is the Alloy Wheel Made?

Alloy wheels are made from an alloy of magnesium and aluminium. Alloys are a mix of metal and other elements. They provide greater strength over pure metals, which is softer and more ductile.

Alloy wheels is not only more attractive than normal steel wheels, they are also a fraction of the weight and are far more durable. Therefore it requires less energy to rotate. This contributes to greater fuel efficiency as well as accelerating, handling and braking. Manufacturing begins with high grade aluminium alloy, containing 97 percent aluminium. A furnace heats up to 750 degrees and is liquefied within 25 minutes. The molten aluminium then flows directly into a mixer in which they inject argon gas, which enables them to remove the hydrogen. This increases the density making the aluminium less porous when solidified.

After adding powder titanium, magnesium and other metallic elements to further strengthen the aluminium, they blend in a chemical that draws aluminium oxide to the surface. The three wheel moulds are made of high strength of steel. The upper mould forms the inside face of the wheel, the forepart side forms the wheels edge and the lower mould forms the outer face that is the side of the design. The outer face is the most important mould as it forms the wheel's design.

It takes about 3 to 4 weeks to produce a mould. Computer simulations check the flow and temperature of the liquid aluminium. These are factors that are critical to prevent casting defects. The casting machine is designed to fill the mould from the bottom via pressurised injection. Injecting upwards through the bottom rather than pouring downwards into the top reduces the risks of air bubbles which causes defects. The mould is then submerged into cold water to cool it off for better handling. The newly cast alloy wheels are trimmed and cleaned with a blade then put into a very hot oven for 12 hours.

The wheel is then tested and submerged into water to check for air bubbles. Thereafter the wheel proceeds to the painting area. First the base coat is applied then a coat of colour which can be anything from a classic silver or black to a flashy shade. Finally a clear paint is applied to prevent corrosion. There are random selections of wheels taken to test for performance and wear. The decorative cap that covers the centre hub is installed. It is this part of the wheel that typically bears the specific brand's logo.

A1 Wheel and Tyre is a private family owned and operated company specialising in the warehouse and distribution of wheels and tyres to the automotive fitment trade. The company has a well established operation in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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